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It’s known and used as a place to gather electronically and share stories, talents, information and to socialize about all things Airstream. is not a new thing in this age of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it’s been around for better than a decade, the membership expanding every year.

The popularity of vintage trailers, Airstream in particular, was already on the rise in the early 2000s. People that owned these aluminum jewels began to use the internet to learn more about them so that they could make repairs, customize them or just meet other people that owned a vintage trailer. One person in particular, a young man from Dallas, owned such a trailer and after becoming overwhelmed by the project that lay before him and the lack of information available,  conceived the idea of a forum dedicated to Airstream and was born.  As the years have past, Airforums, has become the “go to” spot to for novices and experts alike to share information, socialize, buy and sell and foster the dreams that we all have in our love affair with vintage Airstream trailers.

Most of you probably already know of and I’m honored to have in our shop the 1961 Airstream Bambi that planted the seed that would become on which we’re known as “62 Overlander”, a name that we chose when we caught the fever in late 2002 after finding our jewel for sale in a snow bank high in the mountains of Colorado.ForumsBambi-1